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Münchner Migrationsprojekt released LiMux 1.0

Autor: Thomas Schramm am 24. Oktober 2006 @ 00:30 unter Migration | Keine Kommentare

Münchens Migrationsprojekt, das 14.000 städtische PCs von Windows auf eine stark modifizierte Debian-Version migriert, released Version 1 ihres Clients LiMux.

Nähere Einzelheiten kann man nachlesen u.a. bei marsmenschen.com [1] („Yes! We released 1.0!“), Distrowatch Weekly [2] #174 und Steve McIntyres Weblog [3]. McIntyre schreibt in seinem Weblog-Artikel über einen Besuch bei der Entwicklermannschaft (mit Fotos):

„They’re using FAI [4] to automate installation of systems, along with LDAP to store lots of configuration information and GOsa [5] as a user-friendly front-end to that configuration. They’ve integrated these to enable some very clever management features so that all aspects of the city-wide system can be maintained from one central point. As new machines are introduced onto the network, they can be configured into one class or another: simple desktop clients up to so-called „depot“ servers, used as seeds for further clients. Individual user profiles can be tweaked, giving users access to new applications as they are needed. Shared resources like network storage and printers are set up automatically from the LDAP database. Access to USB storage devices can be controlled on a per-device, per-user basis for security.“

Wahnsinn. Das Marsmenschen-Weblog hat noch einige Screenshots.

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[3] Steve McIntyres Weblog: http://blog.einval.com/debian/misc/LiMux.comments

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